The St Mary Bourne rioter’s journey on the Convict Ship Eleanor, 1831

Originally published: 13th July 2014, minor updates 5th August 2023 Before the convicts set off on their journey to New South Wales they were transferred from the Gaol they were held at to a Prison Hulk, there is a little confusion here as on Ancestry the hulk is named Hardy, a hospital ship and in … Read more

Accounts of the St Mary Bourne Swing Riots

Originally published 12th July 2014 “The Swing Riots were a widespread uprising by agricultural workers;” [1] In the St Mary Bourne area there are two recorded events. Thursday , 18th November 1830 “Friday Night – A Hay-rick, at Wadwick the property of Mr. Longman, was burnt last night. The fire was visible at Andover. It … Read more